The Real Benefits of Coconut Oil

People do not know the magical benefits of coconut oil, but today is the day you will know the importance and benefits of coconut oil and, we promise you that this information will truly help you in your life.

What can coconut oil do for you? Hmmm, first of all, it’s good to know that coconut oil has one of the richest sources of saturated fat. And it has many benefits.

As a matter of fact, some people use coconut oil on their skin instead of lotion. You know, most of these lotions contains petroleum based ingredients that will, in the long run, suffocate your skin.

It is important to consider coconut oil to your skin care plan. Coconut oil is good, it can provide deep cleansing for your skin and also help to remove any excess dead cells on the skin surface.

It will help remove those dead cells that makes your skin look rough and scaly- you know, coconut oil can help solve plenty of skin issues.

Skin issues like rashes, flaky skin, bug bites, and it can also help to easily remove any eye makeup, and softens your wrinkles.

Coconut oil can heal your skin faster because it has medium chain fatty acids. Coconut oil also has been proven to have Anti- bacterial and fungal properties. It can cure your acne and it kills the bacteria that causes blemishes in the skin.

Do you know that coconut oil can also be applied as a deodorant and can be used to remove any body odor? For anyone that wants to go natural coconut oil is good for you, it doesn’t contain any chemicals –and the vitamin E found in coconut oil is known to help soothe Eczema.

There are three fatty acids found in coconut: Capric acid, Lauric acid and Caprylic acid. All three of these acids can kill Candida, which is a common cause of fungi infections in the skin. This is true, we just researched it.

We also found out that it can be used to prevent diaper rashes on kids and also helps to prevent stretch marks when pregnant. And finally coconut can help soothe itches of Chickenpox and poison Ivy.

We hope this information will help you in knowing the benefits of coconut oil, so that you can apply this knowledge in your personal life.

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